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Swim Spas

Swim spas are the perfect addition to any home! They provide both enjoyment and the physical exercise you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all within an economical and aesthetic space. At Paradise Aquatics we recommend and use swim spas by Dimension One and Marquis.



Dimension One Swim Spas

Dimension one swim spa line boasts the largest swim lane in its class for ultimate flexibility in the water. The included HydroSport Essentials kit gets you started with resistance bands and bars so you can start your strength-training regime right away! There are so many exercises you can do in your AquaFit, that it becomes your personal underwater gym. Plus, the resistance provided by water is twice as effective while being much gentler on joints.


Marquis Swim Spas

 The Aquatic Training Vessels™, or ATV™s from Marquis® will elevate your swim spa experience and are personal workout and health products for your daily life. In an ATV™, swim strokes, leg kicks, resistance movements, and low-impact range of motion exercises are all options for your active efforts and healthy life. They can also just be a place to kick back and float away stress or laugh and play with the kids. An ATV™ is a true action vessel for your whole family to enjoy all year-round.